Top 10 wireless mouse brand rankings

Top 10 wireless mouse brand rankingsTop 10 wireless mouse brand rankings

If you ask what brand of a wireless mouse is good, many people will think of Logitech for the first time. Is there no other choice besides Logitech? Of course, there are. This article will bring you the top ten wireless mouse brand rankings, so that you have more brand choices when purchasing a wireless mouse.

Wireless mice are loved by people because they are unbound and portable, especially for laptop users. Most people buy things and recognize brands. If you buy a wireless mouse, which brand is better? Take a look at the top 10 wireless mouse brands.

1 Logitech

Founded in 1981 in Switzerland, Logitech is the world’s leading manufacturer of computer peripherals. Logitech’s wireless mouse products are not only rich in variety, Bluetooth, wireless and various sizes, but also superior quality. Like the Logitech T630 wireless mouse, it won the 2014 Red Dot Award and iF Award, and the M320 won the 2015 Red Dot. For the award and the iF award, the MX Master won the 2015 IDEA award, while the Logitech M705 was named the best wireless mouse on the professional evaluation website The Wirecutter.

2 Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft is not only a pioneer in the development of computer software worldwide, but also a strong competitor in hardware such as computer accessories. Speaking of wireless mouse, you have to mention Microsoft’s Sculpt wireless mouse. This mouse has a streamlined curve design, which makes the placement of the hand, wrist and forearm more natural and effectively prevents the mouse hand. Although Sculpt’s smooth surface is not flattering, it is still considered “amazingly comfortable” by The Wirecutter website. In addition, Microsoft has a wide range of wireless mouse models with different shapes and features, which is undoubtedly the leader in the wireless mouse field.

3 Apple

Whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet, a notebook, an all-in-one, a keyboard or a mouse, Apple gives a feeling of height. In the field of wireless mice, Apple now focuses on Magic Mouse 2. This mouse is not only stylish but also has an advanced Multi-Touch surface, allowing users to easily explore their favorite content in a variety of ways. In addition, charging for 2 minutes can be used for 9 hours, more 6 to no!

4 Rapoo

Leilani is the leading brand of domestic wireless mouse and keyboard. In 2008, Leibai became the first brand in the domestic wireless mouse and keyboard market and also ranked the top position in the wireless mouse and keyboard market in China for two consecutive years. As a wireless mouse and keyboard expert, Leibai not only has a wide range of wireless mouse products, but also has a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and the price is very good. It is a good choice for cost-effectiveness.

5 Sanwa Supply

SANWA SUPPLY is a famous Japanese computer accessories brand, including headphones, mouse, keyboard, computer bag, office chair and so on. SANWA SUPPLY won the 2014 Red Dot Design Award for the 400-MA059 main erect wireless mouse. In addition to the upright type, SANWA SUPPLY’s other wireless mouse is also a strange ergonomic shape, which can alleviate the physical discomfort caused by long-term use of the mouse, and is very suitable for users who are looking for mouse comfort.

6 Razer

Razer is a company specializing in the development/production and sale of top gaming peripherals. It is globally renowned for its precision, sensitivity, usability and product design. Razer also introduced a variety of wireless gaming mice, such as the sharp snake, the Mamba 5G version, the thorn scale tree, the gossip snake, etc., each with outstanding performance, can be called a chicken weapon!

7 Fuller (F├╝hlen)

Founded in 1996, Fuller is a well-known domestic mouse brand, focusing on the development of products in the field of wireless computer peripherals. Fuller’s wireless mouse is not only cheap, but also has a good use effect, and is well received by users.

8 Lenovo (Lenovo)

As the world’s largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo is not inferior in the field of computer peripherals and has introduced many high-quality peripheral products. In addition to the classic ThinkPad wireless mouse, Lenovo also has a variety of touch and flat types, reliable quality, and the price is not expensive.

9 HP

Founded in 1939, HP is currently one of the world’s largest information technology (IT) companies and one of the top 500 in the world. HP’s wireless peripheral products are especially known for Bluetooth technology, and its Bluetooth mouse X4000b is rated as the best contender for the best Bluetooth mouse by The Wirecutter website with its outstanding performance.

10 Dell

As a mainstream Windows computer manufacturer, the quality of Dell’s peripheral accessories is also quite reliable. However, Dell’s wireless mouse is mostly based on a compact design, which is more suitable for users with small hand sizes.

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