Thoughts on the sales of Changan CS75 PLUS model

Thoughts on the sales of Changan CS75 PLUS modelThoughts on the sales of Changan CS75 PLUS model

[Car Home Technology Interpretation] In more than one month since the Chengdu Auto Show was launched, Changan CS75 PLUS has already received 30,000 orders, and the price range of 10.69-15.49 million has filled Changan’s lack of the most competitive compact SUV market. Give price-sensitive consumers more choices. In combination with the experience of this experience, I talked from other points, in addition to the value and configuration of the look, compared to Changan CS75, where you pay more money.


The Changan CS75 PLUS has 1.5T+6AT and 2.0T+8AT, two power options. The 1.5T powertrain is the same as the CS75, and the 2.0T powertrain has been applied to the Changan CS85 COUPE. In terms of performance, the combination of the CS75 model 1.8T+6AT (still the national five emissions). In addition, the CS75’s 1.8T model and the CS75 PLUS’s 2.0T model have almost the same price. Perhaps this is also a factor in the CS75 PLUS pre-sales order, which has a high value-added 2.0T model.

The 2.0T engine has a maximum power of 171kW and a maximum torque of 360N·m. The parameters are similar to Geely’s stars. At the same time, both models are equipped with 8F45 Aisin 8AT. According to the measured data of the car home: the acceleration time of the four-wheel-drive model of Xingyue Top is 7.21 seconds. Considering that the CS75 PLUS and Xingyue have the same quality, the acceleration time of CS75 PLUS should be the same level. At present, the manufacturer only gives a reference-only data of 7.5 seconds. The final acceleration score is subject to the standard test site test after we get the commercial vehicle.

This 2.0T engine independently developed by Changan integrates mainstream advanced technologies such as turbocharger, direct injection in cylinder, intake and exhaust dual variable valve timing system, variable displacement oil pump, balance shaft and mechanical vacuum pump. The well-known love letter 8AT, these are the value of your purchase of CS75 PLUS to pay more money.

·Chassis suspension

We have compared the chassis suspension of the CS75 PLUS and CS75. The structure and material are very similar, but the value of the CS75 PLUS can be reflected in the materials of some components. For example, the bushing of the rear suspension trailing arm, the CS75 PLUS is selected from the top rubber bushing supplier, Spain’s high-demanding products, while increasing the thickness and diameter of the bushing and adapting to make the CS75 PLUS The dynamic response, comfort, and durability of the rubber bushing have been greatly improved.

In terms of shock absorbers, the CS75 PLUS uses the products of the Ford brand supplier Tenneco. Its biggest feature is that it has multiple sets of valve systems, each of which has an adjustable valve system and can also compress and return. The two-way damping of the bomb is adjusted. This rich adjustability gives the CS75 PLUS more and finer adjustment space so that the vehicle can find the optimal balance between handling and comfort performance. Compared with the CS75 model, it enhances the flexibility of the rear suspension of the vehicle for filtering and impacting fine vibrations, achieving better ride comfort.

The Changan CS75 PLUS models are equipped with Bosch ESP 9.3 version system, which is faster than the CS75, and supports more intelligent driver assistance systems, such as AEB active brakes with vehicles, pedestrians and bicycle identification. The car’s high-profile models are also equipped with a number of intelligent safety assistance systems such as lane-keeping, lane departure, blind-zone monitoring, and full-speed adaptive cruise. In addition, compared to the CS75 APA4.0 intelligent parking assist, the CS75 PLUS has been upgraded to the APA5.0 system. On the basis of liberating both hands and feet, the remote valet parking is realized in the car. The realization of these functions is the substantial improvement of the underlying architecture of the vehicle to ensure the high-speed transmission of signals such as data and images, ensuring efficient cooperation of sensors, processors, and actuators, and maximizing the value of intelligent assistance.

to sum up:

The Changan CS75 PLUS is also superior to the CS75 in terms of overall noise and vibration control. These are constantly optimized and adjusted for places we can’t see, and ultimately achieve better product strength, coupled with conspicuous external values. To give products a higher value and product positioning. A car, in addition to the places we can see, touch and smell, there are too many that we can hardly notice, but we can still feel the effect of silent play after a period of use, which is Spend money on places that you can’t see. There is no best product in the world, only the one that suits you best, choose according to your own needs, whether you are willing to pay for higher power performance and intelligent auxiliary system. If you only prefer the case, the 1.5T mid-high model is also a Good choice. (Text / Figure Car home Feng Jingyi)

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