The development and application of computer technology

The development and application of computer technologyThe development and application of computer technology


The continuous improvement of the economic level has promoted the rapid development of computer technology. After years of development, the application of computer technology has become more and more extensive. With the continuous development of human society, computer science and technology have also matured, the computer volume has continued to shrink, and its operation speed has increased rapidly. At this time, its manufacturing cost has also been decreasing, which is already in people’s daily life and work. Missing tools. Computer technology has been widely used in various industries, which has improved people’s living standards and promoted the further development of society. Therefore, exploring the development of computer technology and its future trends has greatly promoted the improvement of computer technology.

Computer technology

In 1946, the world’s first computer was born in the United States. By 1959, the first domestic computer was born and put into operation. The development of computer control technology has gone through the following stages: the start-up period was in the mid-1950s, when computers were used in industrial production, which brought great economic benefits to the industrial industry; in the 1960s, Computer control technology entered the experimental stage. The computer control technology in this period was applied in the chemical industry and replaced the traditional Onofrio analog control. In the 1970s, the computer reached the rapid promotion stage, and the speed of the microcomputer was extremely high. Fast, its reliability, volume is small, and prices are starting to fall, so it is used in many industries; modern computer control technology is still improving, such as computer control systems based on PC bus boards and industrial computers, or Based on PLC computer control system and distributed control system, but the development of computer technology will not stop here, the future computer control technology will break various traditions and produce new computer control technology, thus promoting the further development of social science and technology. Development of Computer Technology and Future Trends Cao Jing China Telecom Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch

2. Characteristics of future computer technology

2.1 Computer Science and Technology Specialization and Integration With the continuous improvement of computer technology, computers are more popular and integrated, and modern computer applications are also very professional. In order to meet the business needs of many special professionals, the level of computer specialization is rapidly increasing, and current computers can provide different services for people. 2.2 Computer high-level focus on computer performance and its speed of operation, computer frequency precision has achieved a higher level of development. Intel has more than one billion transistors to handle it, and hundreds of processors are used in the same computer. The most advanced computers in many countries under the modern society are processed in parallel. This type of computer operation makes the computer more advanced, and people are very fond of such high-level computer operation. 2.3 Computer science and technology is more extensive With the rapid development of computer technology, it has been widely used in various industries and countries, and can be called ubiquitous. In recent years, computers have gradually penetrated into many fields. The computer at that time has a greater degree of expansion. In the future, there will be computers in every family, and people’s daily learning and work will be fully electronic, and the price of computers will gradually decrease, and gradually enter the homes of ordinary people.

3. Computer technology development trend

Focusing on computers, the early days mainly served the military. The early computers were extremely large, and their practical applications were extremely limited. The rapid development of computer hardware technology, modern computer efficiency, and its small size, the servers, personal PCs, laptops, tablets, etc. used by contemporary people, are the embodiment of the rapid development of computers. With the development of Internet technology, computer information technology has also emerged. The information network belongs to a very large social resource. People can use various terminals to obtain the required information, and the terminal system will process it in detail and finally present it. And the development of the Internet has made the network data transmission speed continue to increase, and its data transmission is also very secure. Modern society puts more emphasis on cloud computing technology and cloud service model. This is also an important manifestation of the development of Internet technology to this stage. This paper analyzes the following trends in the development trend of computer technology: 3.1 Ultra-high performance of computer silicon chip can be said to be super High-performance computer silicon chips determine the value of computers, the rapid development of silicon technology, and the beginning of new computer research. Contemporary ultra-high-performance computers include quantum computers, molecular computers, nanocomputers, and photonic computers. The quantum computer has a large storage capacity, and its calculation speed is extremely fast; the molecular computer stores a lot of information, and its operation speed is also very fast, the volume is smaller than the ordinary computer, and the power consumption is small; the nano computer has high value and its volume Small, low manufacturing cost, extremely fast computing speed, and large storage capacity. If the technology is implemented, it will replace the silicon chip computer; the photon computer runs at a higher speed, mainly using photons to replace the electrons. In order to perform numerical calculations, and different data are replaced by waves of different lengths, it is possible to process extremely complex data. 3.2 Computer miniaturization The early computer was like a giant, and all the basic functions needed to be realized in a large and large volume. However, with the rapid development of computer technology, the computer is shrinking in size and its function is constantly improving. Perfect, a combination of very small software can play its powerful functions. Miniaturized computers can cause computers to gradually penetrate into all aspects of people’s lives; the shrinking size of computers allows people to carry them freely in order to improve people’s living standards. 3.3 Optical Computer Optical computer emphasizes that electronic or current causes the computer to process massive information quickly. It has the characteristics of extremely high computing speed and power consumption. The indispensable device is the spatial modulator and the optical interconnect technology. The storage part is linked to the computing department, and its operation part is directly accessible. Light travels extremely fast, and photonic computers can be used at room temperature and are less prone to errors. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoptical computers has made a series of innovations and breakthroughs in computer architecture, but at this stage, optical computers are still in the research and development stage. 3.4 Computer and communication technology combined with the rapid development of modern electronic technology, network has already broken the traditional computer implementation, mobile phones are rapidly popularized, and have already merged with people’s modern life, making people’s communication more convenient, and the modern people’s whereabouts have been It is not a secret, telephone contact can turn people into transparent people. Coupled with the emergence of mobile commerce and mobile office, people’s traditional life and work patterns have long been broken, and the application of various mobile communication devices makes people’s life and communication more convenient.

4. Establishment of multi-functional system in computer related technology

Through the introduction of the development history of computers, the development of computers is inseparable from the establishment and improvement of related multi-functional systems. With the advancement of the improvement process, the computer has also developed very well. The key to the continuous development of computer technology is to build different computer-related functional systems.

5. Conclusion

With the widespread use and application of Internet engineering, computer technology is widely used. According to the application of computer technology in various industries, it can be seen that its impact on our lives is huge and even an indispensable part. In order to make computer technology better serve people, increasing efforts to develop new computer technology has become the top priority.

Author: Cao Jing: China Telecom Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Branch

Part II: The future development trend of computer technology

Abstract: Computer technology has developed rapidly, and now its application field is relatively wide, and has achieved certain results. Nowadays, people’s life and work are inseparable from computers. The popularity of computers has improved people’s work efficiency, making paperless office possible in the process of work. Computer technology is constantly developing in the application process, and is constantly improving to improve various fields. Work efficiency and improve its technical application capabilities. It mainly expounds the future development trend of computer technology from three aspects: the development status of computer technology, the innovation research of computer technology and the future development trend of computer technology. It is used to meet the needs of computer technology in other industries. It is hoped to provide theoretical reference for scholars who study computer technology.

Keywords: computer technology; development trend; application

After the birth of the first electronic computer in 1946, it was an epoch-making reform in the electronics field. After the development and improvement in the 1970s, computer technology is now applied to various fields and promotes the rapid development of other fields. The development of large computers marks the level of a country’s technology, and the importance of computer technology can be seen. Computer technology is different from computer hardware in that it uses computers to solve practical problems in work, improve its application capabilities in the field, meet the needs of industry development, meet the needs of the times, develop rapidly computer technology, and promote the rapid development of other industries.

1 computer technology development status

1.1 high-end comprehensive

Computers are widely used in China’s industry, and generally require large computers, which improve work efficiency, improve working conditions, and promote the practical use of some technologies. For example, for the data processing in the enterprise and factory, the video player used in the learning process, and the memory and other uses involved in the software, the whole computer is composed of this software and a series of hardware. In the industry, the use of computers for data processing speed, improve work efficiency, improve the accuracy of data processing, the development and use of high-end computers, provides a reliable technical guarantee for industrial data analysis, analysis, and processing.

1.2 complicated nature

The field of computer applications is relatively wide, and computers are now being used by people for work, study, and life. Its application field is more complicated, which makes the nature of computer applications complex. With the development, transformation and innovation of computer technology in China, the fields involved in computers in people’s lives and work are also very extensive, and it has promoted the development and advancement of more science and technology fields. The gradual improvement of computer technology also shows the complexity of computer technology in China. The improvement of this performance is mainly reflected in the fact that the formation of computer technology is more perfect, and the performance is more comprehensive, and the components that make up the computer and The component composition becomes more complicated in the development of computer technology, and it is more necessary to combine the circuit and the component in the process of use. Computer application in the industry, not only computer hardware to meet its needs, generally have to be supplemented by the corresponding software, computer hardware and software coordinated use, work together to complete the task, the two are a unified body, computer technology is the two in the industry The embodiment of the computer technology application capabilities.

1.3 miniaturization

The development of computer miniaturization is the need of people in the process of computer development. The first electronic computer has dozens of tons. Nowadays, microcomputers and handheld computers are the embodiment of computer miniaturization. Now when and where people can use computers The scope of computer application is more extensive, people use it more convenient and fast, in line with the needs of people nowadays, and social development puts forward new requirements for computer development.

1.4 Diversified nature

The diversified development of computers is a requirement of social development, and diversified development is multi-channel. Among them, it can be displayed according to the scale of computer construction and the way and ability of the computer to use at work. At the same time, in the development of information technology, various forms can be divided according to the use of the computer. These developments represent the development of computer technology diversity.

2 computer technology innovation research

2.1 Microprocessor exploration

In the ever-developing day, the processor in the computer has become smaller and smaller, and has considerable advantages in big data information processing. Observing the shrinking design of the overall structure of the computer, the innovation and development of the processor are inevitable, and also adapted to the times. Reforming demand. Therefore, the exploration and development of micro-processors is imperative. The processor is the core component of the computer. The quality of the microprocessor affects the running speed of the computer. Now many industries have a certain impact on the running speed of the computer. The research of the microprocessor plays an important role in the development of the computer. The improvement of operational capability plays an important technical guarantee for improving the development of other industries.

2.2 Research on Distinguishing Exchange Technology

The computer has its own data processing function in the process of people’s application and management. It automatically distinguishes a large amount of data and information, and processes it according to different groups. It is very convenient and future use and screening, and it is carried out in different time periods. The regularization of classification is an important task for the independent innovation and development of computer technology. It also lays a good foundation for the preservation of large amounts of data and information. The technology of distinguishing and exchanging can also process the original data and information. Through the scientific identification to achieve the needs of future use and dissemination, the data information is sent to a fixed computer storage location, to ensure the interconnection network’s requirements for communication use, to establish a complete link line, thereby meeting the people’s increasing use needs and use effectiveness. Distinguishing the research of switching technology, it is an important guarantee for improving computer performance, and the computer performance is further improved. It is helpful for the development of new computer technology and application of other fields, and can achieve technological breakthroughs.

3 future development trend of computer technology

3.1 Future computer technology development characteristics

In the future, the development characteristics of China’s computer technology are gradually developed into a networked model. On the basis of intelligent guided retrieval, a diversified and multi-polar operation mode is adopted. The networked mode is mainly to improve the rights of people to use, and to achieve the upgrade through technology. The need for network coverage. Networking and intelligence are the characteristics of computer development in China and an important part of computer development. Intelligentization is the development needs of China’s industry, such as intelligent robots, which are used in industry. This requires intelligent computers to control and monitor the work of intelligent robots. Improve the function of the robot and improve the working efficiency of the robot. Networking is the need of global development. Nowadays, network is the development needs of various industries. The combination of computer technology and other technologies can realize its application value and improve its application skills. The development of computer technology should meet the technical development needs of other industries in the society, embody the function of computer technology for other industries, and provide reliable technical support for improving the technology of other industries.

3.2 Future development trend of computer technology

The future development model is to shrink the computer as a whole, form a quantum and molecular model, realize the goal and requirement of wireless extension technology application convenience in an effective space, reduce the overall mode of the computer and transform the computer technology in the future. Initiative. In the strong development mode to form a further application of diversified intelligent functions, computers in the future society must be more concerned and high-frequency use of technology and functional equipment. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the development of computer technology. This powerful influence determines the continuous improvement of computer technology itself, and promotes the progress and expansion of all aspects of people’s lives.

Author: Du Long Yang Unit: Heilongjiang College of Foreign Languages

Part III: Application of Computer Technology

Abstract: Computer technology has developed rapidly and has penetrated into all areas of our lives, promoting the development of human society and changing many fields such as communication, medicine and agriculture, especially in broadcasting and television, communication billing, information management, image processing, and medical care. Auxiliary, simulation experiments, agricultural research and technology promotion are the most widely used. This paper analyzes the application examples from the application status of computers in the above-mentioned fields, shows the combined results, and forecasts the future development trend, and proposes the future research direction.

Keywords: computer; communication; medicine; agriculture

First, the application of computers in the field of communication

With the increasing intelligence of information technology, computers are particularly important in the field of communication. Computer communication technology not only reduces communication costs, improves communication efficiency, but also broadens the sharing and development of information, which is beneficial to politics among countries. Cultural exchanges have promoted economic development. 1. Application in the field of radio and television. The popularity of computer technology in the field of communication, broadcast television has realized the transmission of digital signals, providing a convenient digital application platform for people, using computer technology to fully expand the transmission range of broadcast television, enriching audio and video information, better Meet the needs of users. Such as computer monitoring technology, the staff can preset the machine, not only can real-time monitoring, but also take measures and alarms for abnormal situations [1]. In addition, computer technology is also often used in post-production of broadcast television. Computer software can be used to combine and filter recorded shots, rearrange each shot, combine special effects, and then combine sound, special effects and subtitles on the screen. On [2]. Commonly used software is AfterEffects and Premiere, which can edit and mask video to achieve multi-layer image effects [3]. 2. Application in the field of communication billing.

The communication field charging system based on computer technology has many functions and large storage capacity. It can design and add various modules according to different needs of users to realize all-round and multi-angle charging, which is more intelligent than traditional charging methods. Flexible, providing users with more convenience, but also promotes the innovation and development of computer technology in the field of communication [4]. Chen Zhijian et al. studied the billing characteristics of various mobile communication services, established a comprehensive and efficient billing system core model based on computer technology, and described the component view of the entire billing system. Liu Chang and others studied the billing method of mobile communication services, modeled the business domain, and designed an offline billing engine. 3. Application in the field of information management. With the rapid development of social economy, the information management of most units has suddenly increased.

Under this situation, many units have established management systems using computer technology, and selected appropriate computer communication software according to actual needs. While improving work efficiency and quality, it has deepened the communication between various departments, ensured the rapid communication and feedback of information, greatly reduced the workload of managers, and using modern technology to manage information has become an inevitable trend in the development of information management. Commonly used EPR technology is an information analysis technology based on computer established with a holistic management concept. Secondly, computer communication technology is also commonly used in data information management. The most practical is the automatic number checking function, which is more efficient and accurate than the traditional manual method [4].

Li Jing and others developed a computer resource management software to discuss the design method of the system and the rationality of the software. Wang Hongyun and others developed a set of information management system based on computer technology, which realized the rational management of documents for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Second, the application of computers in the medical field

With the rapid development of computer technology and communication technology, information technology has gradually penetrated into various fields of medicine. The introduction of computer technology not only improves the accuracy of medical equipment but also enables the statistics of medical information to enter a new platform. 1. Medical information system. Medical information system is a convenient and fast channel for medical information retrieval. It can summarize, analyze and process data, including clinical diagnosis and treatment system, electronic medical record system, medical monitoring system, drug management system and medical equipment management system. The electronic medical record system records the patient’s complete diagnosis and treatment process and all medical information, greatly expanding the content of traditional paper medical records, not only improving work efficiency but also reducing the error rate while providing more similar conditions. More references. At the same time, the information of many hospitals is summarized in a comprehensive database. Each hospital can obtain real-time information such as blood bank information, medical equipment information, medical drug information, etc. through the platform anytime and anywhere. In addition, the medical equipment management system is completely recorded. The use of medical equipment, use of departments, maintenance, and other information has promoted the intelligent and systematic management of hospitals, greatly improving work efficiency. LIS is a system commonly used in hospitals.

It can network the testing instruments, make the various aspects of the inspection intelligent, and display the patient’s inspection items, inspection time, and inspection results. 2. Image processing. With the aid of computers, the quality of medical images has been greatly improved, especially in CT and B-ultrasound applications. Computed tomography (CT) is a perfect combination of tomography and computer technology. It uses an X-ray beam, gamma-ray and other cooperative detectors to perform a tomographic scan of a part of the human body. After receiving the electrical signal, it is converted into a space image by a computer. It is a computer. One of the most successful applications in image processing. Secondly, the computer often assists in processing B-ultrasound images. Both noise reduction and texture processing can help B-mode images to be better recognized, and can also simulate and restore blurred or incomplete images, and decompose complex images. . Finally, computers are also commonly used in surgery to create a visual three-dimensional model to assist in the determination of the patient’s condition, to analyze the collected data, and to convert to the corresponding image, to provide a basis for later diagnosis. 3. Medical assistance. The computer can store a large amount of complete medical materials and rich experience, and it is constantly updated with the development of medicine.

It can help doctors solve many medical problems. The decision-making system in the computer is the most commonly used medical auxiliary software. The computer can automatically search for possible diseases, causes, prescription information, and medical advice, and provide some reference for doctors to help doctors make a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis. Computers can also assist in the design of mobile applications for medical services consulting, helping to reduce the incidence of chronic diseases and reduce related medical costs. Liu Xinlong et al designed a computer-based diabetes medical aid software and conducted operational tests. The results showed that it can effectively prevent the occurrence of diabetes. Guo Yanzhen and other studies have established a computer-aided recognition system to help identify Alzheimer’s disease.

ShawRyanJ et al. studied the attitudes of patients with myocardial infarction using computers for health communication and monitoring. The results showed that most participants were willing to read health information online, share medical information with doctors, and track their health. TahmasebAli et al. studied the application of computer technology in surgery and analyzed the application status of computer technology in the field of dentistry. The results show that computer-aided implants have a low failure rate and high precision.

Third, the application of computers in the agricultural field

The combination of agriculture and computer technology has promoted the development of the agricultural sector, strengthened the management and management of agricultural production, provided a large amount of advanced scientific knowledge, and played an important role in the promotion of agricultural products, the control of pests and diseases, and the estimation of production. The role has achieved the industrialization, modernization and intelligence of agriculture, making it more in line with the development needs of society. 1. Agricultural research and technology promotion. The combination of computer and agricultural extension technicians enables agricultural workers to acquire knowledge faster, and online consultation on issues such as pests, diseases, cultivation, and operations can solve problems quickly and efficiently.

In addition, computers can also predict natural disasters, detect agricultural product quality, monitor crop growth, and environmental monitoring, statistics on agricultural product supply and demand, and disseminate agricultural policies and new ideas. With the help of the Internet, information such as weather and diseases can be released in advance, which helps agricultural workers to take defensive measures and increase the enthusiasm of farmers for production, thereby ensuring the prosperity and stability of the country. The agricultural expert system is a commonly used agricultural intelligent software. It has a knowledge base with a lot of experience. It can simulate agricultural experts to sort out and analyze problems and provide authoritative answers to guide agricultural operations. Maia Bruno et al. developed a computer program for remote pesticide spraying technology. Cao Jinyuan et al designed a set of agricultural temperature and humidity monitoring systems to transmit information to agricultural workers in time through the Internet and mobile communications. 2.

Simulation experiments. The computer simulation system of crops uses computer technology, combined with scientific knowledge such as botany, agronomy, meteorology, etc. to establish a crop model, simulate the real environment, and obtain effective experimental schemes and improvement methods. It is also possible to conduct preliminary experiments on some agriculturally difficult experiments, such as plant genetics research, to write computer programs, calculate genetic behavior, and reduce test time. Niu Jiping et al. used a computer simulation system to study the water demand of agricultural irrigation in the Shiyang River Basin.

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