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About us:

This site is about the android package kit (apk)

In this site, we write down an android package kit (Apk), android all type of application, etc. And we collect this data from Google and my own. And we also collect pics from Google etc.

tchapk.com is a website providing smartphone software downloads founded in 2019 by snipergames5 Team and has grown into one of the leading websites in the smartphone software industry.

Our mission

Provide a safer, better and faster software download experience for our fans around the world. We offer one of the most complete collections of applications, games, and lists of historical versions. All download jobs guarantee 100% without the need for an additional extension. We believe that you all deserve a better way to enjoy mobile life. The Snipergames5 team is always ready to help all users solve their problems with the installation, update and more of the smartphone application.

Snipergames5 is your destination for all type of android application

Whether you are looking for the crack of the application, paid application, and we give all type of free application all these applications are available in tchapk.com

Tchapk.com features articles on anything and everything related to android mobile. In addition to a wide experience on all kinds of apk files, we also offer a crack version of the android application.

Application are brought to you by tchapk.com, Our passion for apk files has been with us since the start of a 2019 and has resulted in this blog offering crack of the apk file that is more help full to your android mobile. Thank you for joining us on this journey and we hope you will enjoy to use this apk file(application).